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My Jesus, I Love Thee


Montreal Worships

'Montreal Worships' is a compilation of songs by Rex Verzosa, Dwayne Linton, Dwight Chase, Fabi Cleophat, Robert Lavallee and David Duchene - and the Hymn by William Featherston, "My Jesus, I Love Thee".

As well as the song writers adding to the musicianship of the project many others contributed - Berenice Dauphin, Malia Pellerin, Amelia Ann Landreville, Elizabeth Cannell, Stephen Mullin, David Sey, Joseph Hackl, Sergio Sarmiento, Robert Adams, Daniel Camber, Bruce Mack, Terry Chase, J.F. Morin, Michel Pellerin,  Richard Buche, Richard Tandirerung, Goran Petrovic, and Paul Charles! Each and all gifted - they prove the rich talent with which the Lord Jesus Christ endows His Church.

Judge the tree by its fruit!

Contact information for the above song writers and musicians available upon request.